Venus – Our Planet For Beauty Queens


Venus is known as our planet for beauty and people becoming for the title of beauty queens, films actresses, T.V. artists, model etc. ought to be born with effective Venus of having effective influence of Venus from various angles i.e. the growing signal, Nakshtra in the planets and in addition in the Lagna.

In this particular writeup, astro- analysis will be performed in the horoscopes of Beauty Queens- (i) AishwaryaRai and (ii) Lara Dutta. The material i.e. the date of birth remains selected in the released papers. The astro- evaluation is going to be performed for the first step toward printed dates combined with Editor or Zodiac – of owes no duty for every action you are able to consume any walk from the existence. You’re asked to validate the date/ place and duration of birth.

3.Like a beauty queen, you have to come effectively inside the competition and really should have requisite yogas for name/ recognition and standing, it is important to consider the Lagna (Ascendant), volume of the Lagna combined with the nature of planet ruling the lagna. Similarly, the Nakshtras will probably provide body plus a beautiful and handsome face. For competition, the standing and fifth Lord ought to be assessed nicely. Together with 4th house, the 5th house also become contemplating all sorts of entertainments/ amusements or important. For name, status and recognition, use various astrological yogas including Gaj- kesri Yoga, Budhi- aditya Yoga, Yogas produced by sunlight, the Moon as well as other yogas particularly in relation to tenth and ninth houses in the horoscope.

4.Now a factor about VENUS- the signification of beauty along with other relevant matters. Venus makes up about giving a number of luxurious dwelling including that to beauty, wealth, vehicles, precious gemstones, pricey goods and clothes, beautiful dwelling, ornaments, scents, jewellery

5.The native born when Libra, ruled by Venus was rising. The native is provided the attractiveness she’s with this particular it. Mars in own hint inside the seventh house offers the needed strength and vigor to handle the earth as well as the fifth Lord Saturn getting to a different trine inside the ninth house made Libra to win laurels. In added Venus the Lagna Lord is scrutinized by Saturn (are both buddies) and they are sure to take her to new peaks in film industry even though the Sun in lagna is debilities. Wonderful time is ahead.

The birth- this kind of native must work as well as the difference might be created by Nakshtra as this native was produced in PushyaNakshtra. But, she was produced with exalted Sun as well as the Lagna Lord Venus anticipated Lagna (face etc.) within the seventh house. Ready Jupiter (ninth house), Exalted Sun, the Moon in tenth House (own sign) will probably leave her with a great vocation though some type of sleep problems shall continue taxing her mind because of affliction of Moon (control of mind).`


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