The best way to Lower Water Quality Pollution From Fish Feed


Presently, the intensive aquaculture industry has two apparent characteristics: high-density releasing fingerlings and feeding fish getting an excellent volume of artificial formula feed. As known, artificial compound aqua feed could be the primary nutritional way to obtain intensive aquaculture, however, the heavy usage of manufactured fish your meals are also among primary reasons that induce the pollution of marine water. So that you can determine the pollution problem of feed, people must control the foundation of pollution in the nutritional perspective, aiming at achieving the purpose of eco-friendly aquaculture.

Control the proportion of fodder ingredients properly

When designing the compound fish feed, some feed manufacturers always only consider the amount curiosity about protein of marine culture creatures, nonetheless they neglect the curiosity about energy of marine creatures, adding plenty of fish meal would lead to high phosphorus and nitrogen, becoming the primary reason of pollution. When designing fish feed formulation, they need to promote energy content of aqua feed minimizing protein content suitably, therefore alleviating the nitrogen pollution level introduced on by high protein diet.

Boost the biological price of protein

The large nitrogenous substance, went by marine creatures, is yet another primary factor leading to water body atmosphere pollution, which nitrogenous substances mainly result from undigested crude protein and amino acidity in fish feed. Thus, adopting ideal protein mode can boost the balance status of all of amino acidity in protein, raise the biological utilization price of protein, effectively lower the quantity of crude protein in marine feed, promote the employment ratio of nitrogen in feed, minimizing the excretion quantity of nitrogen in excrement. This might not only save vast natural protein fish feed resource, but furthermore ease the caliber of nitrogen pollution to atmosphere introduced on by intensive aquaculture.

Fair using addition agent

The fair usage of some addition agent, to some extent, could boost the quality and flavor of fish feed, promote the ingestion of marine creatures, increase operation rate of fish feed, then mitigate the pollution degree to water body atmosphere.

Improve processing technic

The producing technology (for instance grinding, mixing, extruding and so on) could affect the avaliability of nutrient, when producing, people should adopt the attached processing technologies to produce high quality suitable for fish to eat and digest, in line with the various existence habits, diverse growth stage and physiological reason for various kinds of fishes.

Right now, it is the inevitable inclination for feeding stuff industry and aquaculture industry healthy growth by developing aqua feed with low pollution, that is the precondition to relieve the vicious circle between aquaculture and atmosphere and provide pollution-free marine products. Overall, using fish feed with low pollution will finish in the event direction of aquaculture industry afterwards.


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