How to Properly Dispose of Waste at Home


Each of us generates garbage or waste based on what we use at home. Waste management companies like Oates Environmental can be crucial in helping us dispose of waste correctly.

However, there is much we can do ourselves to ensure that we properly discard the garbage we generate, meaning that it does not harm the environment or make a place dirtier than it should be.

The following are ways of properly disposing of waste:


The most basic and easiest way to properly dispose of waste is to recycle. Recycling is the process through which junk can be transformed into useable items once again.

Waste that can be recycled includes paper, glass, plastic, and metal, among others. The vast majority of the waste we generate is recyclable.

It would help if you had a recycling bin in your home in which you put all recyclable waste. You need to educate yourself and your family about which items are recyclable, so you know which bin to put them.

The best way to recycle is to have a separate bin for recyclable waste and other garbage types.


The best method of properly disposing of waste is not to generate it in the first place. If you want to reduce the amount of waste you produce at home, reusing is the best way.

If you can reuse something, clean it, repair it, or modify it to use it as much as possible. Reusing items that you usually discard will reduce your waste production by more than 50%.

Items that you can easily reuse include garbage bags, water bottles, and wooden items. You can use the item for the same function or repurpose it.


We generate a lot of organic waste in our households. Organic waste is the waste of the food we and our pets consume.

Many people discard organic waste in the same way as other materials. However, if you want to dispose of organic waste properly, composting is how to do it.

Composting can serve a multitude of functions, including being rich material for your garden and plants. If you do not have a garden or plants in your home, you can donate it to those who do.

Composting is an extremely cheap method of discarding waste. All you have to do is dig a shallow hole in your backyard, throw your garbage inside it and cover it for several weeks.

Anaerobic Digestion

Another way through which we can properly dispose of organic waste is to subject it to anaerobic digestion. It is a process through which microorganisms feed on waste in the absence of air.

Anaerobic digestion may seem like composting, but there is a slight difference. The former involves storing waste in airtight containers while the latter is done in the open air.

When these microorganisms consume the waste, they produce a gas that is rich in methane. You can use the gas as renewable heat and power for your home.


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