5 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Consumption


Since childhood, the importance to conserve the natural resources and the ways to protect the environment is taught in educational institutes. One such way to protect the ecosystem and the earth is by reducing energy consumption.

Power consumption is a mandatory part of human life to survive; we need it in office, home, hotels, and restaurants, everywhere. Misusing it has an adverse effect not only on the environment but on the pocket and the lifestyles as well.

In Ontario, the concept of Global Adjustment is gaining recognition. It is used to fill the gap between the market wholesale price and the fixed-price. It assessed the residential, commercial, and industrial consumers that vary each month depending upon what’s happening in the real-time energy market.

Make a Little Change in your Habits:

Many people have the habit to leave the lights and fans on when not in use. It takes a toll on energy consumption and an example of irresponsible behaviour.

While leaving a room whether you are sitting in the pantry, in the meeting room, or common area, make it a practice to turn off the electronic appliances.

Manage your Work:

This applies to both the manager and an executive. The manager has to assign the task on a timely basis so the subordinate can complete it before the shift ends. An executive has to manage the work to avoid staying back at late hours.

Overtime should be done at the time of emergencies and not be adopted as a day to day habit. Staying at late hours in office will drastically increase the bill each month.

Use the Energy-Efficient Equipment:

LED lights are one of the best examples of energy-efficient hardware. Lights are the core equipment used in an office. Replacing the flash tube and the bulbs with CFLs can save the electricity up to 80 %.

Similarly, an organization has to keep upgrading the other equipment like printer, scanner, and fax machine. It is the kind of investment that can save a lot of electricity bills.

Using the latest technology product is better instead of using traditional or out of date products.

Keep a check on the Heating System and Air Conditioning:

Many organizations follow the rule to maintain a consistent temperature during the summers and winters. For this purpose, they use heaters and air conditioners the whole day long.

This approach keeps the temperature constant but increases electricity consumption to a great level. So it is advisable to use the devices when it is required and not the whole season.

This strategy will make employees feel comfortable and save the wastage of electricity.

Run the Energy Awareness Campaign:

A little effort to educate the employees can help to create a huge difference in power usage. Using natural resources appropriately is expected from each individual to be at home or office.

It is better to demonstrate to the employees how much electricity they are wasting and what are the ways to reduce it. Using generic posters and pictures can help the organization to motivate and encourage staff to reduce power consumption.


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