5 Things Chlorine Can Damage


    Chlorine can be an extremely damaging chemical and it’s also one of the top choices for disinfectants within the public water system. Chlorine is quite an inexpensive way to reduce harmful substances but if chlorine is left in the water and you continue to drink and bathe in that water supply, you can experience a number of disadvantages. Here are some of the top things that chlorine can cause damage to overtime:


    In one sense, chlorine can work to protect us quite well from bacteria like giardia and cryptosporidium. It also works to eliminate various microbes and pathogens that can reduce your risk of disease. Drinking chlorinated water, however, does come with an increased risk of cancer and it will inhibit our ability to digest by wiping out good gut bacteria.


    Chlorine can wage war on your hair follicles and it easy for your hair to start getting frizzy and dried out over time when you bathe in water that’s exposed to extra chlorine.


    High concentrations of chlorine can also be difficult on your clothing. As chlorine is a bleaching agent this can often lead to your clothes fading over time. Chlorine can also reduce the integrity of your clothing fibers.


    You may have noticed after you go for a swim at a public pool that your skin gets dry, this comes from high levels of chlorine. Bathing in high levels of chlorine regularly can make your skin irritated and dry. It can also sometimes discolor the skin and create red patches or a rash.

    Your Appliances

    Chlorine works as a strong oxidant which can lead to damage to appliances over time. Appliances that have rubber seals and gaskets like your toilet will wear out faster as chlorine continues to flow through your appliances this can cause extra chemical damage.

    If you are interested in filtering chlorine out of your water regularly you may want to consider a whole-home filtration system. Contact us today for a quote.

    This post was written by Kristian D’An, owner and water expert at Eco Water Solutions of Florida. Eco Water Solutions is a Tampa water softeners company. They offer whole home water solutions such as softeners, whole home water filtration systems, and reverse osmosis systems. Their focus is to provide Floridians with safe and clean water throughout the home.


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