It’s been a rainy week, but despite the gloomy weather we made a lot of progress. We fenced off part of the enclosure at the bottom of the garden to protect our sweet potatoes then gave Derek and Rodney free reign to dig up all of the weeds that had sprung up there since our last pumpkin harvest. They made a few hours work of a job that would have taken us several back breaking days of digging and now the area is ready for us to plant out some courgettes that we have been growing in the greenhouse.

We also added four new nest boxes to the duck tractor, replacing the temporary housing we had been using in there. They were cheap and simple to make from quartered blue barrels and the ducks seem to like them as they began using them straight away.

On Saturday I made a rare trip to a nearby town and found some fabulous, cheap, 5.6 litre glass beverage dispensers with plastic spigots at Kmart. They are perfect for continuous brewing and I so I have increased production so that I have 8 litres of Jun and 16.8 litres of Kombucha brewing at any one time. It probably still won’t be enough long term as I prefer the strong taste achieved by bottling the Kombucha and Jun every few weeks, but it’s a good start and I still have water kefir for the days when my scoby brews are unavailable. .

Work on the greenhouse continued and we set up some new water celery and Kang Kong beds. We also planted more tomato seedlings into blue barrels, taking us up to 18 plants in total…I’m looking forward to sun drying a lot of tomatoes this year!

For the first time since we moved here, we encountered a Red Back spider (Latrodectus hasseltii), hidden amongst our firewood.  They are one of the most dangerous spiders in Australia and are related to the U.S Black Widow so we were lucky we spotted it. It was a timely reminder that we should always wear gloves when bringing in the wood.

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