Tomorrow is officially the first day of spring. It was a particularly mild and dry winter, a far cry from the incessant rain we experienced during our first year here, but I am still ridiculously excited for September my absolute favourite time of year. September is not only the driest and sunniest month, but it’s also still fairly cool and not too humid, which all adds up to long, wonderful days spent in the garden. The prolonged period of good weather meant the season started early. The and are already ripe and ready for harvest, the pomegranates are in leaf and the persimmon and pecan buds are about to open. The bananas, and dragonfruit are also starting to bear fruit, although it will be some time yet till I am adding those to my smoothies!

Our Mulberry bushes are covered in fruit
One of our many pineapple plants

In recent days, the pademelons I released earlier in the year have also been spending more time in the clearing, and some have returned with full pouches. The joeys are not yet poking their heads out, but even without seeing them properly I am a very proud grandma. There will soon be new life in the house too as the female is now sitting on eggs in the nest in our bedroom…I see a lot of floor and wall cleaning in my near future!

Lucy, one of the rehabilitated Red Legged Pademelons we released earlier this year

We have continued to work on the greenhouse and have added a couple of additional flooded beds and tubs for tomatoes, courgettes, chillies and peppers. The seeds we planted in vertical drain pipe beds and raised beds are thriving and in no time at all we will be able to start harvesting herbs and salad.

Drainpipe beds
Coriander growing in recycled drainpipes


It is a great feeling to be able to finally tick off some of the projects that we have had hanging over us for the last year, I just need to try hard not to come up with a dozen new ones now!

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