The start of 2016 marks the fourth year of towards our ten-year plan. The we set ourselves for 2015 were to:

  • Gradually reduce our non-biodegradable waste production throughout the year aiming for 0 by 2016
  • Convert shed into greenhouse for use during winter months and to house an aquaponics system
  • Construct 6 extra raised beds in the vegetable/herb garden
  • Start growing edible fungi
  • Set up grey water system
  • Learn to make at least 2 hard cheeses
  • Build 2 chicken tractors  
  • Undertake a permaculture design certificate course
  • Join a community barter group to trade goods that we have in surplus for those we currently are not producing ourselves (when we finally have a surplus!)


Unfortunately, we did not achieve as many of these as we would have liked, mainly because we were completely distracted by other unexpected projects! But, we did manage to convert the shed into a greenhouse, build a chicken/duck tractor, reduced our non bio-degradable waste (although not to zero) and construct additional raised beds. We didn’t join a community barter group as we found that any surplus we had was preserved or fed to the animals. Our unplanned achievements included:

  • Building a pig pen and shelter
  • Building a goat pen and shelter
  • Building a 100m x 40m soft release enclosure for macropods
  • Setting up a flooded bed area
  • Starting a giant Hügelkultur bed
  • Replacing half of the tree protectors in the orchard
  • Setting up a seedling and potting room


I concentrated a lot more on the blog this year, writing 57 blogs and I also became much more active on Instagram. I hope to continue the momentum on the blog in 2016 and already have dozens of posts at draft stage that we worked on throughout last year. We made a lot of progress overall… but it wasn’t quite as much as we had hoped. We always push ourselves too hard as you can see from this years goals below, but we are thoroughly enjoying the process, so  driving ourselves hard isn’t all bad!

Our goals for the coming year are to:

  • Complete the Hügelkultur bed
  • Re-landscape the front garden and add paths
  • Build an additional chicken tractor
  • Replace remaining tree protectors in the orchard
  • Increase the number of worm farms to 4
  • Start growing bamboo for shoots and timber
  • Clear all snakeweed and blue top from the clearing
  • Set up edible fungi area
  • Build and stock a Warre hive


Do you have any goals for the New Year? If so I would love to hear all about them in the comments section.

I wish you all a very happy and productive 2016!

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  1. My plans include making your bread recipe on a regular basis, making more beeswax wraps, making my own pasta, worcs sauce, & maybe even some cheese 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

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