I had an interesting start to the week when a rather large Red Bellied Black snake nearly ended up on my lap while I was feeding our baby goats Sam and Dean. Normally, I would just stay still until the creature had slithered off, but this one came through the door at speed, I was sat on the floor and the goats as usual were jumping around all over the place. I had no choice but to stamp my foot on the floor in front of it in the hope it would change direction and thankfully it veered to the side before reaching us. Unfortunately, it then decided to relax in the goat shed and sat there for the rest of the day so I was forced to evacuate Sam and Dean until Graham arrived home. Graham has taken courses in handling poisonous snakes, so relocated him out of the shed and everything returned to normal. Such beautiful snakes and always nice to see…from a distance.

The weekend was mainly spent working on the greenhouse. We decided to move the lasagne raised beds into the greenhouse from the vegetable garden. As usual, we grossly underestimated the amount of work involved and after moving metre upon metre of soil we spent the rest of the week very stiff and sore. It’s was certainly worth the pain and effort though, they work great in the greenhouse and I have already planted some heirloom beetroot seeds!


Everything else we planted in the greenhouse is growing great, without being hindered by pests, wind and rain. Whilst the greenhouse seemed huge when empty, it’s filling fast and we are running out of walking space. As the temperature begins to increase through winter and summer, we will find out whether despite all of the ventilation, it is just too hot to use during some months of the year. Everything we do here is an experiment and whilst we have a lot of success, sometimes we learn the hard way…I just hope if that’s the case this time I get a bumper harvest from all the new varieties of tomatoes I have planted this year first.



Once work is complete on the greenhouse, we intend to start the long job of entirely re-landscaping the vegetable garden, it has been very productive and the raised beds have provided us with a lot of food, but we think by extending it and conducting some earthworks we can make it even better. For the moment, we have moved the goats into the area to graze down the grass and weeds that have grown up in the uncultivated parts. They are already making new friends and given that they now have access to the backdoor seem to have decided they would rather be house goats and are constantly bleating to be let in. In a few weeks, they will swap places with the pigs so that they can clear up the old veg and plants and plough everything, giving us a new blank canvas to play with.

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